Led by the haunting and crystal clear vocals of front-woman Aimee Bellanca, and backed by her brother Dane Johnson, The Music Room sings stories about overcoming battles with their own demons, resisting the lull of complacency, and burying doubts before too much life is wasted in fearful living.
With a raw acoustic sound, angst and beauty collide as percussive back-beats urge swells and falls that highlight the range and vulnerability in Aimee’s voice. The lyrics come from her brother, who writes from a place of necessity--to maintain sanity--and she presents his words in an urgent and lovely way.
The Music Room has released one full-length album titled "Lesser Loves" in 2008 and a 5-song EP titled "Live While You're Alive" in 2011. 
In February of 2013 they released a 6-song EP titled "Wolves Without Teeth." All sales from this EP are being donated directly to a nonprofit organization called Courage Worldwide that works to rehabilitate and restore the lives of young women that have been rescued from sex trafficking.