Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 Spring Tour

Never in our most ambitious longings did we think it possible to join a 3-month, 52-city tour across the United States at such a young age in the life of our band. However, thanks to God’s grace and the aligning of innumerable factors outside of our control we have been given this opportunity. Beginning March 7th in Sacramento, CA the official launch of the “Sounds and Lights Tour” will take place and thus will commence our musical journey through our beautiful country.
When Aimee and I formed The Music Room over a year and a half ago we had very small goals, and barely the thought of stumbling upon folk rock glory. We were content to put together songs that had been impressed into our musical consciousness and possibly, if the stars aligned, play these songs for a small and familiar audience (mostly comprised of family and friends). We named ourselves The Music Room because we had a room at our old house with a junky, out-of-tune piano in it in which we’d rehearse. The name is not clever, original, or even that marketable, but it stuck with us, and I just can’t think of any good reason for changing it now. We’ve since moved out of that house and now rehearse in a garage, so the sensible thing to do would be to change our name to The Music Garage, but it doesn’t evoke the same warmth as our current name, are you with me? So The Music Room we remain and under this name we march forth onto a tour that will expose our music, mission and hearts to people and places that we never thought we’d see.
We wish to create and write music that speaks for itself. When words couple themselves with a melody that can break down bias, prejudice, bitterness, and despair I believe that healing of the soul can take place. We don’t want to be preachers, or speakers, or even a trendy band; we want to be musicianaries. What is a musicianary? I thought you might ask that, so I’ve prepared an answer for you.
A musicianary seeks to use his/her giftedness in music to shed light where there is darkness, to bring hope to those who are lost, and uplift the human spirit with a love that flows from the very heart of God. So you see that a musicianary cannot simply be a musician that is Christian, or a musician that is a humanitarian. Oh no, a musicianary is one that has surrendered his/her life to the service of people by way of music for the glory of God and His eternal purposes. Do you hear me? The Music Room is a band that wants to serve. We don’t want to glorify ourselves. Our songs are not geared towards self-glorification, but perhaps instead they ask the listener to self-examine. We want to write songs that force people to look truthfully and soberly at the life they are living. We don’t want to shame people, or discourage people; we want to see people be set free. If our music can lead people to know and recognize a God that sets people free from shame and slavery then we’ve succeeded. You see we’ve gone from not expecting much of ourselves to expecting that God will do much with us if we make ourselves available to His plans.

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