Saturday, May 8, 2010

We had a little hiccup in our tour… and by hiccup…I mean a long open-mouthed belch. Our tour leader Steven had been toying with the idea of ending the “Sounds and Lights Tour” early. Meanwhile The Music Room was forced to return home due to a death in the family. The unofficial end of the tour was announced as we packed our bags for an early flight. So we left the RV, Lyrycyst, Adam Cappa, Sarah Rasmussen, Jerome Love, Chelsea Cooper, and our curly-haired Uncle Jesse back in Cincinnati, with non-refundable round trip tickets in hand. Due to the sudden unexpected announcement of the tour’s termination we were unable to organize getting all of our musical equipment and tour family home with us.
We boarded our flight not knowing if we’d return to Cincinnati and so many questions were looming. How would we retrieve our gear? ... How would Jesse get home? ... How would the bus get back to Colorado? ... Despite the logistical unknowns of the cancelled tour we remained focused on spending quality time with family during this time of loss. For 6 days we exchanged the craziness of tour for Auburn’s outdoor beauty, mom’s cooking, and the peace of family.
In the midst of a luxurious 6 days with showers, home-cooked meals, and an excess of square-footage to spread our limbs a plan was brewing. We had tasted the watered down compromise of an incomplete tour, and our tongues were yearning for something bold with a smooth finish. Since Nick had been enlisted to return the RV and, get everyone’s gear home we decided to make good of a sad situation. Remember those non-refundable tickets? Nick, Dane, and Aimee would fly back to Cincy, OH along with our good friend Laurieann Cunningham and retrieve the RV; henceforth plan “BETA” was launched. Our new plan would be less of a plan and more of a completely revamped tour. Sounds and Lights Tour 2.0 more appropriately dubbed “The Pounds and Sights Tour”. This tour would have to involve seeing the East Coast as well as stopping at every promising looking eatery along the way. Another great thing about this new tour is that it would reunite TMR with our friends Adam Cappa and later Sarah Rasmussen.
The RV mother met us at the airport smelling of wastewater tank and old cheese. Somewhere beneath its foul odor we breathed deeply a scent reminiscent of home. Remember that this RV had been our house on wheels just a week before. We hopped on and immediately started scouting out dump stop locations where we could drop the scent and get on our merry way. We jump-roped on the Kentucky and Ohio state line before heading into Indiana to gather up our long, lost brother Adam. Before crossing into the Hoosier state we found an old trailer park to dump the urine, and wastewater of tour’s past. We would venture on with a gas tank full of diesel and a wastewater tank full of air, just as mommy likes.
Daddy Cappa was waiting for us in Richmond, IN with arms wide open, just like our favorite Creed song depicts. He embraced us all and we made a smooth transition from our RV to his cruiser van. This van, which we’ll call Mr. Hughes would take us to a couple more shows in New York state and then on towards sightseeing destinations such as D.C. and the Big Apple… more to come, so sit tight.

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