Friday, August 20, 2010

We're back in Lincoln doing stuff.

Dear friends,

You haven't heard from us for awhile. We'd like to apologize for that. We're not avoiding you, and we don't have any grudges held against you. Don't take it personally, it's not you, it's us.
We've dropped the ball big time in regards to keeping you informed on this blog. So allow me to inform you.

Aimee, Nick, Ezzy and I have been back in the railroad town of Lincoln, CA now for awhile. Although there have been some mini-trips here and there that took Aimee, Nick and Ezzy to San Diego, and then again to Colorado, none of these travels have been music-related, but have rather been for leisure and other life reasons.

Meanwhile, we haven't entirely neglected The Music Room. We have started recording some new songs that many of you have heard live, but aren't able to have in your possession. We are working right now to make a way for you to have these songs available for your listening pleasure at any moment you may choose.

Due to limited funds, we are still determining how many songs will go onto our next release. Will it be an EP or a full-length album, we've yet to know ourselves. Stay tuned for that.

I will tell you that some of the songs going on the next record are Be Here, Dark Outside, Rubbish, Ezekiel, I Wanna Know You and some others you've probably never heard of.

As far as shows go, we have a show once a month through December book and no more than that. We are really trying to make time for recording and polishing up these songs before we lay them down for historical preservation and mass consumption.

Thanks for checking in on us and caring to know what's up.

Peace and Good,
The Music Room

Photo courtesy of Kyle Booterbaugh

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