Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recording: Day 1

We are at the "Stickhouse," which is the studio/home of producer, musician, audio engineer and sound arts extraordinaire, Brian Steckler. He has graciously allowed us to record five new songs in his music-making wonderland. His ear and vision for our songs is allowing us to capture the melodies and ideas that have previously remained unexpressed and seemingly, unattainable.

Yesterday, I finished tracking all of the drum parts and had a lesson in the art of "simplification." We've been playing around with the idea of titling the EP "Less is More" because we've been enjoying the more thoughtful, but minimal approaches to music taken by bands like Feist, Mumford and Sons, Alexi Murdoch, The Civil Wars, Gregory Alan Isakov, and others.

We're putting more "folk" in our "folk-rock" style.

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