Monday, March 15, 2010

Southern California

So we've been without our RV now for over a week. In fact none of us on tour have yet even seen this RV, perhaps it doesn't even exist. Perhaps. So instead of jam-packing 10 people, musical equipment, and luggage onto an RV we've been packing into a 15 passenger van. This van has two rows of seats taken out of it to make room for the luggage, so if you do the math you'll realize that we're not exactly comfortable while driving. Everyone has caught a cold of some kind. We've just passed it on to one another, out of love of course. The plan is that we'll soon meet the RV in.... I don't know, but soon hopefully.
Our logistical situation sucks, but all in all we ARE having a great time.
We played a show in Torrance and La Mesa down here in SoCal. Both shows we're very small in size, but great in response to our music. Every show has been really encouraging so far.
Fortunately we've now got a couple days off to chill before we play a show again down in Arizona. Our plan is to get over our sicknesses, and wait for our beloved RV to come rescue us from the laps of one another.
Continue praying for our safety, our health, and our mission to spread hope and love through our music and the relationships it enables us to make.

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