Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TMR's Census 2010

What kind of audience does The Music Room draw? Well, in the spirit of this year’s census, I’ve hunkered down, crunched some numbers, and did a little research to find out who listens to our music. The following information was gathered with permission from the powers that be, and has not been manipulated or skewed in any way to further the private interests of The Music Room Inc.
To simplify your reading of our analysis, we’ve broken it down into four unique categories. We were awed by the diversity among our listeners.
Category 1 represents “What People Do” when they listen to our music.
Category 2 represents “Gender, and Human Developmental Stages” at which people listen to our music.
Category 3 represents a list of “Food People Sometimes Eat” while listening to our music.
Category 4 represents a behind the scenes look at “What People Think About” when listening to our music.
Category I: WPD
Pull Weeds/Till Soil
Plan Weddings
Answer Telephones/Make Plans
Drive Public Transit Vehicles
Earn Degrees (GED and BA’s)
Train in Boot Camp
Clean Teeth
Design Buildings
Plant Gardens
Breed Horses
Collect Unemployment
Category II: G&HDS
Fetuses in-utero (depending on mother)
Baby Boys
Baby Girls
Male Toddlers
Female Toddlers
Adolescent Girls
Adolescent Boys
Grown Men
Grown Women
Old Men
Old Women
Senior Citizen Varieties
Category III: FPSE
Carne Asada Burritos
Peanut Butter-filled Pretzel Squares
Girl Scout Cookies
Mashed Potatoes
Jimmy Dean sausages
Power Bars/Tiger Milk Bars
Pad Se Ewe
Naan Bread
Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
Category IV: WPTA
Other random female vocalists
We sincerely hope that this census has improved your understanding of the demographic that listens to The Music Room’s music. If you find yourself fitting into one of these categories but have not yet listened to their music, I urge you to check out “Lesser Loves” their debut album on iTunes, or any other major song-downloading site for that matter. This census has helped us know how to better serve you, the fan and audience, whether while you’re eating curry or thinking about eternity. Thank you!

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