Friday, September 16, 2011

Concerts and missions can stop human-trafficking

Dear People,

We've been so blessed to partner with Courage To Be You in their mission to end sex-trafficking here in Northern California and beyond. We talk about them a lot because they're legit in what they do and what they do is legitimately needing to get done. I'm not here to talk about them right now though.

I wanted to tell you about something else that is legitimately sweet. Our mandy-lion (mandolin player) Kyle Booterbaugh is married to a woman who wants to tackle the injustice of sex-trafficking head on. She's heading to Cambodia next month to kick injustice in the rear and rescue girls from a life of sex slavery. We think she's an awesome warrior woman for doing this.

Her name is Colette and you can read all the details of her upcoming mission by visiting her website HERE.

We want to help send Colette to Cambodia to do this difficult work so we're playing a show to support her before she leaves.

The concert will take place at Origin Coffee and Tea (also a legitimate justice-seeking establishment) on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 7pm. If you show up and buy a cup of coffee you'll already be taking part in stopping sex-trafficking by way of funding International Justice Mission as they work in India. If you support Colette you'll be directly funding hands and feet that are reaching and traveling to help these girls in Cambodia. And if you listen to us play we'll wink at you and say, "hey, thanks for listening."

It's not so much about us. We're just the band. It's about ending injustice and playing songs for freedom.

Word to your moms,
Dane (the male portion of The Music Room)

Saturday, September 24th @ Origin Coffee and Tea, 7pm
2168 Sunset Blvd, Rocklin, Placer, California 95765

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  1. I heard you last night @ Adventure. You were great and I hope to make it to Origin next sat night:) enjoy your weekend!