Thursday, November 24, 2011

Making music to end sex-trafficking

We're The Music Room, an indie folk band bent on using music to bring justice to the world. Sound too dramatic? You're right, it's dramatic and lofty, but what's crazy is that it's actually happening. 

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Aimee and I (Dane) are using our Music Room songs, and any funds that they generate, to support the non-profit Courage to Be You as they fight the sex-trafficking of minors in Northern California and beyond. We partnered with them about two years ago and have been inspired to use art, lyrics and music to fight injustice with them ever since. 
One of our songs, Cost of Believing, made it on a compilation album they released in 2009 to raise funds for their first Courage House-a home built to rehabilitate girls rescued from sex-trafficking. We began playing benefit concerts with them and other artists from Northern California to shed a light on the injustice of sex-trafficking as well as to encourage people to do something about it. In so doing, we've been compelled to do more ourselves. 
If we're able to fundraise the cost of production, recording and packaging for our next full length album we'll be able to donate all money made from the new album to Courage to Be You directly. Aimee and I have decided to ask you for financial support in recording our album "Wolves Without Teeth." You'd be partnering with us as we continue partnering with Courage to Be You. Together, we'd be doing our part to stop human-trafficking in our backyards. 

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to record the new album. That's a lot of money that we don't have right now, but we trust that God will provide through people like yourselves:)

We wish to be entirely transparent throughout this entire process and encourage your questions, critiques and comments during this fundraising drive. 
We love music and all that it can do for a human soul. We're blessed to be able to write it and record it. Even more exciting than recording for the purpose of sharing the music itself is the idea that whatever income it generates can be donated to protect human souls in a practical way. We want our music to speak to the soul while also being an instrument of justice to protect the soul. 
Right now, this idea is a simple concept with incredible potential. We've set the recording date with our producer and the studio time is booked, but it's not going to happen without your assistance. Please help us! 

Other Ways You Can Help

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